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Hygiene Clip

dog after hygiene clip

The hygiene clip that your dog needs is going to be easy to get for your dog when you come to us here at Melbourne Dog Groomers. We are the professional dog groomers with the properly trained staff that is going to ensure that all of the clippings are done properly, and that your pet washing and dog grooming service is optimal for your four-legged friend. Also, we are going to use tools and equipment that are properly suited for your dog. Therefore, we are not going to use techniques that are not suitable for your dog’s breed.


The hygiene clip is going to be an easy clipping process that is not going to impact your dog. We make sure that we use the proper tools and techniques, so your dog is comfortable and happy. Not to mention, we make sure that the tools that we use are not too big, in case your dog is small. Also, we make sure that the tools are not too small, in case your dog it big. Clipping is important for dog hygiene, so make sure you trust the professional dog grooming to take care of it, and that is why you are going to want to hire us here at Melbourne Dog Groomers.

Health and Hygiene

Ensuring that your dog has good hygiene, and also making sure that your dog is healthy is crucial for your dog. It is important to truly treat your animal like a member of your family, and when you hire us here at Melbourne Dog Groomers, you are ensuring that your dog is receiving the utmost care and attention. There are many healthful aspects that need to be considered when it comes to your dog, and a big part of that is hygiene. That is why you are going to want to turn to us when it is time for some clippings.


When it is time to schedule your hygiene clipping appointment for your animal, you are going to be able to give us a call here at Melbourne Dog Groomers. We have flexible hours and mobile services that make an appointment easy for you. Not to mention, we are able to work within brief timeframes to get the job done. We always provide your dog with individual care and attention, and this means that we are able to get the job done within a timeframe that is suitable for you.

Recurring Services

Your dog is going to need to continually receive hygiene clips over the years, and that is why you are going to want to find a team of professionals who know what they are doing and who are going to be able to help you get the results that your dog needs. The team here is going to be able to provide you with a discount for the services that we provide, and we are going to be able to build a relationship with your dog that is beneficial for you as well because your dog is going to be happy and calm every time we get to see them.